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rozella tea factory sri lanka

Rozella Tea Factory

Main Crop Tea

Binoya “A” Estate, Rozella.


Rozella Tea Factory was built in 2002 located at Binoya “A” Estate, Rozella.
Extent: 1.53 Acres (19650 sq ft.)

The factory is well equipped with all the machinery, looking forward to expanding the business and exporting readymade tea products with Tea Board Export Licence for factory.

The factory collects green leaf from bought leaf suppliers as well as our own estate and we have an approximate output of 40,000 kg of made tea per month.

Existing machinery is capable of producing orthodox and unorthodox teas At present Rotorvane tea manufacture is in process.

The factory is equipped with all required tea factory machineries, Generator, etc. and a new Indian Drier was installed in April, 2017 (an output of 250k per hr.)

The Tea factory includes a Manager’s Bungalow, workers quarters, workshop, Store room, carpentry work shop, woods store room, etc