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Reduces Cancer Risk

Since tne capsaicin in pepper flesh has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is being studied as a cancer-fighter. It reduces the growth of prostate cancer cells, while leaving normal cells unharmed.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Chilli Peppers can be a great natural way to support your cardiovascular system and for the prevention of heart disease. 

Aids the Circulatory System

Chilli peppers are known to lower blood serum cholesterol and reduce lipid deposits and therefore reverse excessive blood clotting. 



Chilli peppers breed from the capsicum pepper plant and is known for its hot flavor. Chilli peppers are used as the main ingredient in local food preparation and come in the form of chili powder and chili flakes. 

The local favorite Sambal is made using chili powder and chili flakes and the spiciness of the chilies makes the dish delicious and adds a vibrant orangish-red color onto the dish. 

The spiciness in the chili adds to a lot of health benefits by providing nutrition and preventing infections. The nutritional properties of chilies also help to increase antioxidant levels of the body and the endorphin hormone of the body is produced by green chilies that help to maintain a healthy brain.

The main component of chili is a chemical called capsaicin which is responsible for the intense heat sensation. Capsaicin lowers blood sugar levels, improves heart health, boosts circulation, heals intestinal problems, and protects against the risk of strokes. Due to their ability to reduce insulin levels, adding chilies to your daily diet can have a positive impact on people suffering from diabetes or obesity. Chilies are known to induce the breaking down of sugars which in turn improve the blood sugar levels, thus benefiting diabetic patients. 

Chilies also have the ability to reduce cancer cells and promote the growth of new blood vessels. Chillie’s help to maintain blood circulation as well as prevent bacterial infections in the body. Incorporating chilli into your diet can help fight diseases and make your heart health stronger! 



Black Gram

Reduces Cancer Risk

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Promotes a Healthy Heart