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About Us

Who We Are

Being one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of Spices and Condiments in Sri Lanka, we strive to become a world-renowned manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of Sri Lankan Spices.

Our Vision

We aim to limit imports by cultivating locally grown spices and by-products to save foreign exchange and provide healthy products to our consumers.

Our Mission

Our goal is to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and using organic fertilizers to cultivate healthier crops using our modern organic methods combined with our team spirit and trained labor.

History Of The Company

Wijaya Agro established in 2012, is a concept by our Chairman and Board of Directors, to produce raw materials in our own backyard to ensure fresh, high-quality products are presented to you at an international standard.

The concept began with the opening of the picturesque landscaped tea estate in Ramboda. Over the years we managed to expand our estate area up to 80 acres which are administered and cared for by our 40 estate workers that work towards ensuring a smooth production process. Whilst our main cultivation is tea, we also cultivate coffee, cardamom as well as very rare crops such as Apple, Pears, and various types of prunes which are all grown under ideal environmental conditions with the professional guidance of our dedicated staff. We also have a holiday resort surrounded by natural beauty accommodated by the finest comforts which complement the picture-perfect surrounding.

The second phase of the Wijaya Agro concept was carried out by purchasing a 280-acre tea estate from the city of Maskeliya. The luscious tea estate, cared for by 200 employees is home to the refurbished modern tea factory and a colonial bungalow that was built in 1931 facing the fascinating blue hills of the area. The main cultivation crop at the Maskeliya Estate is Tea however, we also yield a healthy outcome by growing and harvesting Coffee, Cardamom, Vegetables, and other flower varieties.

Wijaya Agro further developed their concept by purchasing a new tea estate from the City of Rozella which has an extensive land of 136 acres which is cared for by 80 employees.

Due to the impressive outcome we received from the Wijaya Agro program, we further extended our horizons by buying valuable properties in Matale (a land of 40 acres appx.), Matara, Denipitiya (a land area of 38 acres appx.) and an eight-acre land in Thudugala that is used for the cultivation of Pepper, Lemon Grass, and Tempering Leaves.

At Matale, the main crop we cultivate is pepper and the land also provides ideal conditions for Coffee, Cocoa, Rubber, Goraka, Cloves, and Nutmeg. Denipitiya estate’s main cultivation is Cinnamon and secondary crops such as Banana, Pepper, Goraka, and Tempering Leaves also contribute to Wijaya Agro’s flourishing harvest!

We take immense pleasure in our journey so far and the massive success of Wijaya Products. We continuously strive to improve our capabilities in providing better solutions and prioritizing the health and nutritional values of our product range.

Spices enhance and bring out the natural flavor in cuisine. In ancient times, spices were so significant, and today we cannot do without them. Spices come in various forms of flavor and aromas and are used as a natural food preservative. As medicine or even food, the importance of spices cannot be understated!